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Dunlop SX300 Tennis racket / racquet review

A review of the Dunlop SX300 Tennis Racket / Racquet.
In this video I review the tour version and compare it to the Babolat Pure Aero and the Head Graphene 360 Extreme Pro and MP.
Oliver deSouza : Great review. It sounds quite similar to its predecessor the CV3.0, but the tour (F) version of that came in a hideous green paintjob, so I don't think sold many! I noticed you mentioned the CX200 Tour (16/19). Did you ever try the CX200 97 16/19 (non-tour)? I found that pretty good, like the Tour CX200 but with a bit more pop. Definitely worth a look.
Jii Tee : Nice review, though I first thought it was about the SX300 and not the SX300 Tour as it didn't say Tour in the name. :) Could you possibly do one on the Dunlop FX500 Tour as well? There's so little out there on it in English.
condensedmic : Love your reviews!
Tim T : Very nice analysis, as always. Thanks!

【DUNLOP Tennis】SX300 石田 洋平コーチ初打ちインプレ!!

【DUNLOP×SRIXON】共同開発シリーズ『第2弾』はスリクソンCV3.0後継モデル。スピン・エクストリームをコンセプトにした『SX』シリーズの定番スペック『SX300』をテニス雑誌解説でもお馴染みの石田 洋平コーチが初打ち!!
taro hungry : フッキーさんいい大学出てるんだなぁ♪
ニート : 当たり前だけどうますぎんだよなぁ
シルジェイ : ボレー綺麗

Dunlop SX 300 (powered by Srixon) Tennis Racquet Review

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sjjapp : This is the same racket as the tour version, yes? Just a different weight.
R S : You guys keep stringing these power frames in the low 50's and then complain about the power.
Will Stavinoha : How would you compare this racket to the cx 300?
Alain Brouillaud : Now we have a TW Eastern hub?
Sushant Mehta : Hi, how would you compare this to Babolat Pure Drive? Would you consider these two similar? What would be the key points of difference between these two?
James Klyniko : Looks similar in concept to Pure Aero and EZone 98.
Klaus Winzig : Always spin Technologie?
ludde303 : Hi TW, how is the Comfort between Head Extreme 360 and this one?
pranjal kumar : How does it compare to head extreme mp and babolat pure aero
Gaspar Santos : Looks like a Babolat aero clone




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